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Targeting the Life Science Companies that Enable and Support Innovation


Synergy: Eli Casdin’s Investment Platform, Keith Meister’s Capital Markets & Board Expertise

Since 2012, Eli Casdin and his investment team’s returns have flowed from their reputation, built over years, as investor-partners, working from the inside to drive and support new developments. Their tireless, on-the-ground research, close relationships with the brightest scientists and management teams and investments focus on the 
long-term. Their industry connections now include hundreds of critical business builders, specialists, and innovators, which we believe will allow CM Life Sciences to push forward into new opportunities while also capturing value overlooked, or left behind.

Keith Meister has an extensive history of creating value and effecting change at companies, by creating buy-in from management teams, directors, and shareholders. Focused on identifying market dislocations and adept at spotting differentiated points of view, Mr. Meister and the Corvex Management team have built success based on deep industry understanding and a willingness to take the longer term view while capitalizing on market inefficiencies. Prior to founding Corvex Management, Mr. Meister was Chief Executive Officer / Principal Executive Officer of Icahn Enterprises, a NYSE listed diversified holding company, where he grew assets from $1.5 billion to $18 billion while generating greater than 20% annual returns for shareholders. Mr. Meister has served as a director of 15 public companies and helped those companies structure and execute over $80 billion in transactions including spin-offs, asset sales, mergers, acquisitions and various forms of capital market transactions.

CM Life Sciences was founded to take advantage of a dynamic life science sector buoyed by innovation yet fragmented, where many companies are under-resourced and under-scaled. Significant and under-appreciated opportunities for consolidation are ready for engagement by a team versed in the trends and themes, and who can bring together the strongest of the new companies and management teams to capitalize on near- and far-term opportunities. CM Life Sciences is ready, bringing together the unique industry experience, operational expertise, and investment savvy of Eli Casdin and Keith Meister.



$ 0 Billion
Life Science Tool Revenue*
with 0 Trillion
Cells in the human body, the extreme biological complexity confirms we are only at the beginning of the research journey.


$ 0 Billion
Diagnostic Industry Revenue
in the US 0 Billion
Diagnostic tests are performed each year, and millions more are needed: a vast opening for molecular intervention and treatment.


$ 0 Billion
“contract” R&d And Manufacturing
over 0
Drugs are in development today and in the last decade. The FDA has approved 3505 new Medicines: there is an enormous next wave coming and the R&D engine will keep on humming.

*Revenue estimate for 2020

Investment Opportunities

OPPORTUNITY: The innovation-productivity cycle in life sciences is creating enormous and varied opportunities across the development continuum and ecosystem.


Services and tools supporting drug discovery, development and manufacturing.  Identifying operationally focused companies with regulated products and services that have long and lucrative life cycles.

Life Science

High value tools and services for R&D across academia, government and industry. Tremendous opportunity to combine workflows and solutions to create powerful synergies and growth.


New markets exploiting technological advances in engineering of biological systems. From human health to industrial markets the syn-bio manufacturing platform is the future few appreciate.


Molecular diagnostics industry now realized with limited public opportunities for exposure. Imbalance between channel and content capabilities creates synergy opportunities.

Board of Directors

Eli Casdin – CEO


Eli Casdin, Chief Investment Officer and Founder, founded Casdin Capital in 2011, which manages $3.3B, targeting public and private growth equity in the life sciences ecosystem. For the last 17 years, Eli has analyzed and invested in disruptive technology and their application, by developing a deep understanding of the disruptive technologies and from cultivating relationships with industry leading experts and scientists since the beginning of this industry. Prior to founding Casdin Capital, Eli was a vice president at Alliance Bernstein “thematic” based investment group where he focused on the implications of new technologies for the life science and healthcare sectors. He published the black book, “The Dawn of Molecular Medicine” detailing the accelerating wave of innovations in life sciences, and the next wave.


Big Market

Strong Team

Unique Platform

Ideal Structure


Harnessing the Power of Proteomics

Global commercial and technological leader for bio-pharma and clinical protein discovery, measurement and interpretation.

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CM Life Sciences II Merger Announcement

SomaLogic, Leading AI-Data Driven Proteomics Platform for Advanced Research and Clinical applications, to Combine with CM Life Sciences II, to Drive Growth and Expand Technology …

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CM Life Sciences II Inc., Sponsored by Affiliates of Casdin Capital and Corvex Management, Announces Pricing of Upsized $240 Million Initial Public Offering

CM Life Sciences II Inc. (the “Company”) announced today that it priced its initial public offering of 24,000,000 units at $10.00 per unit. 

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